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Scrutinizing Self-Denial: Does Giving up Chocolate Bring Me Closer to God?

In a three-part series on Fasting + Feasting The Middle Way explores Lent through the lens of food and faith. With Ash Wednesday upon us, many Christians decide to abstain or give something up for 40 days. Where does this practice come from and how can we reclaim fasting as a communal refocusing that honors our bodies and our relationships?

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Show Notes:

  1. True Fasting, Isaiah 58 (3:00)

  2. The Sermon on the Mount - Concerning Fasting, Matthew 6:16-18 (4:45)

Lenten Resources:

Not Alone: 40 Day Devotional on Faith & Depression, Monica Coleman

Making Peace with the Land, Fred Bahnson & Norman Wirzba

Scripture, Culture, and Agriculture: An Agrarian Reading of the Bible, Ellen Davis

The Art of Being Creatures, On Being

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