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Let's Talk About Sex (and God)!

The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Christians tend to shy away from talking about sex, but the relationship between sexuality and spirituality begins with God.

Jesus Christ was both fully human and fully divine. As a man, he felt pain and pleasure. He knew what it meant to live a messy, embodied, sexual life.

Formal etiquette tells us we shouldn't talk about sex, politics, or religion in polite company. But here at the Middle Way, those are the things we want to talk about most. This month's conversation features a frank and fun conversation on the intersection between sexuality and spirituality. We invite two remarkable guests to discuss their personal and professional journies of integrating these things into their life and work.

Get to Know our Guests:

Wendy B. is a certified sex coach and pole dance instructor. You can book a consultation or buy a course at her website: She shares content, resources, and tips on Instagram and TikTok as @thatsexcoachwendyb.

Erin Broich is a published author, freelance writer, educator, and burgeoning publisher. From romance, to fantasy, to religion & culture, her work spans various topics and genres.

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