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Introducing: The Middle Way

The Middle Way is a way of being within the Christian tradition. It isn't moderation or relativism or bourgeois restraint. Rather, it's a disciplined holding together of intricate realities, of thinking critically while honoring mystery, of being committed to justice without being a dick, of being honest enough to despair and crazy enough to hope.

We find ourselves drawn to spaces where the categories of sacred and secular collapse into something bigger, and we are changed. Teaching in a prison, sitting at the bedside of a person in the hospital, gathering with friends to read and write.

And, even sometimes, in church.

In this podcast, we put the church calendar into conversation with... everything. We’re convinced that the prophet Isaiah and Alanis Morissette and the injustices happening in our communities all tell us something about truth, about God, and how we should be living our lives.

So, we will gather to converse about the interplay between the Bible and today's newspaper headlines. About ritual and popular culture.

Join us as we discover the intersections between our everyday lives and the liturgical seasons. Hopefully, we'll teach you something about Jesus, faithfulness, and the complexity of religious community along the way. For an introduction to the podcast and glimpse into the middle way, click the image below.

The first full episode of The Middle Way will drop in June 2020.

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