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Episode 8: Queering Lent Pt. 1

In the first of a two-part series, the Middle Way turns Lent upside down and inside out. Queering Lent Pt. 1 invites the Rev. Dr. Janet Everhart into a discussion on reading scripture with a queer lens and what it means to engage a theology that disrupts the status quo.

The Bible is a lot more complicated than some people want to believe.

You can learn as much from the silences as from the narrative.

Rev. Dr. Janet Everhart

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  1. Proper Liturgies for Special Days, Ash Wednesday, The Book of Common Prayer (4:23)

  2. Radical Love: Introduction to Queer Theology, Patrick S. Cheng (8:15)

  3. Mark 8:31-38, Jesus Predicts His Death (10:47)

  4. Rev. Dr. Jan Everhart Hartliff, Central UMC Stockton (12:07)

  5. The Man Jesus Loved, Theodore W. Jennings, Jr. (17:10)

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