Episode 7: God Shows up to the Seekers

In Epiphany, we celebrate that God showed up—and that God shows up to those we might not expect. The magi were seers and seekers. They followed stars and interpreted dreams.

They were racially and religiously different from Jesus, and yet they were the first to have an epiphany about what God was up to. Episode 7 offers an invitation to look to the wisdom of the magi and resist the ruthlessness of Herod.

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  1. Matthew 2:1-12, The Visit of the Wise Men (7:38)

  2. Knowing that We Don't Know, Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM (12:43)

  3. The Giver, Lois Lowry (14:30)

  4. Dharma Talks, Thich Nhat Nanh (19:30)

  5. 30 Days of Conscious Breath, Yoga with Adriene (21:50)

  6. 1000 Hours Outside, Founder—Ginny Yurich (24:15)

  7. Tempered Resilience, Tod Bolsinger (25:29)

  8. The Welcoming Prayer (29:45)