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Episode 5: Adventure or Die!

Amidst the haunted season of Halloween, a looming election, and mainline church decline, the Middle Way offers a spooky reflection on the death of Moses and the adaptive leadership required to press on.

In times of small, technical changes, leadership is mastery of old tools.

In times of big, adaptive challenges, leadership is the opposite of mastery. It is winning the trust of people and leading them off the map. It is learning to say, "I don’t know the answers, so come with me to learn them." It's embracing the motto: Adventure or die!

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Show Notes

1. Haunted Bell Tower of St. Mark's Church (3:13)

2. 2019 parochial reports show continued decline and a ‘dire’ future for The Episcopal Church, Episcopal News Service (5:08)

3. Jennifer Harvey to Deliver Matthew Simpson Lecture, Simpson College (10:42)

4. The Death of Moses, Deuteronomy 34:1-12 (11:50)

5. The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World, Ronald Heifetz (15:19)

6. Canoeing the Mountains, Chapter 2 Adventure or Die, Tod Bolsinger (20:50)

Questions to Help Navigate Adaptive Challenges:

  1. What is precious and essential to carry forward?

  2. What needs to be discarded?

  3. What innovation will take the best of our history into the future?

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