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Episode 4: God, Call Me Maybe

This month we gather four of our bravest friends to talk calling, vocation, and the wild, wilderness of listening for God in our lives.

Vocation is multi-faceted. We put it together like puzzle pieces: in careers, romantic relationships, our free time, our children, or a million other facets of our lives. Sometimes we do one thing to pay the bills so that we can do another thing for free that makes our souls sing. Sometimes vocational discernment is a wilderness experience. We wander, we wonder, we complain to God wishing we could go back. 

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Show Notes

1. Bread from Heaven, Exodus 16:2-15 (4:07)

2. Exodus, A Fundamental Experience of Vocation, Pope Francis (5:28)

3. Apostles Creed (7:50)

4. Vocation, Frederick Buechner (24:00)

5. Let Your Life Speak, Parker Palmer (24:18)

6. Christa, Edwina Sandys (37:25)

7. Letters To A Young Poet, Rainer Maria Rilke (43:36)

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