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Episode 12: Growing a Rule of Life

How do we pattern our lives toward resurrection? This episode explores St. Benedict's Rule of Life and how spiritual practices and rhythms can nurture the growth of our whole selves, our communities, and our relationship with the earth and our neighbors.

This conversation features special guest Diane McClanahan. Diane is a spiritual director who works remotely from her home in Maine. Her professional life has taken her down several paths, first as a registered nurse, then as an ordained United Methodist elder, and finally as the Director of Leadership and Spiritual Life at the Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center.

This episode uses the image of the trellis as it supports and nurtures the growth of young

plants to understand how a Rule of Life can support our individual and communal growth.

Download the Growing a Rule of Life rubric here. This template is meant to be a starting place to outline daily, weekly, and seasonal practices that help us love better.

Show Notes:

1. Jesus the True Vine, John 15:1-8 (5:30)

2. Abide in God, John 15:9-17 (12:00)

3. Joan Chittister illustrates how mastering humility could save America (17:30)

4. The Rule of Saint Benedict (19:50)

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