Episode 11: Scarred & Made Whole—Resurrection Matters

Resurrection isn’t easy—and it isn’t a one-time event. Jesus returned wounded and scarred. Rolling away the tombs of our pain, our past, our dysfunction, and our complicity in the death-dealing nature of our collective pain takes time and it takes work. This isn’t a shallow hallelujah that we sing.

In Episode 11, Hannah & Eric discuss John 20:19-31, The Disabled God by Nancy Eiesland, and share their own resurrection stories.

Trigger Warning: This post discusses suicide, alcoholism, and eating disorders.

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Show Notes:

1. Jesus Appears to His Disciples, John 20:19-31 (5:34)

2. Not Alone, Monica Coleman (7:35)

3. Why Resurrection Matters, Monica A. Coleman (8:25)

4. The Disabled God, Nancy Eiesland (10:45)

5. 2020 Iowa ACEs Report, Iowa ACEs 360 (47:56)