Episode 10: Sitting With Our Grief

As we journey this Holy Week, walking with Jesus toward death, we carry all of our grief—the pain, the loss, and the tombs of our life and experience. There cannot be a real Easter without a real Holy Saturday before it. Let us resist rushing toward resurrection and sit with each other.

This episode features conversations on grief, loss, and despair with the Rev. Angelo L., Hospital Chaplain in small-town Iowa, and Tori McCabe, a Mental Health Practitioner in Minneapolis.

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Show Notes:

1. Lamentations 3:1-9, 19-24 (4:10)

2. Secular Buddhism Podcast (18:00)

3. The Practice of Welcoming Prayer, Contemplative Outreach (19:05)

4. When People Say, “We Have Made It Through Worse Before” by Clint Smith (34:10)

5. 12/20, Eric Rucker (52:47)