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About Us 


Eric and Hannah were Midwest transplants who met while attending seminary in Atlanta. They both stumbled into this course of study as they struggled with the church, social action, and where they might fit into this crazy parade. 

In many respects opposite, they found their differences frustrating but also generative—a Catholic exploring a more inclusive Protestantism, and a Protestant discovering the rich wisdom in the attic of Catholicism. 


They argued about sex, art, and how often a bathroom needs to be cleaned. They also found themselves inhabiting and creating middle spaces—spaces where the traditional categories of Sacred and Secular collapsed into something messier. They found God when teaching classes in a prison, when sitting with a dying cancer patient, and gathered in a cheap apartment to share writing with friends. Sometimes they found God in the church. 

They were nurtured by the energies of bad-ass saints like Dorothy Day, Howard Thurman, and Alanis Morissette. As they grew together they came to appreciate clarity & mystery, commitment & complexity. They got engaged in a graveyard and married on April Fools' Day. 

During the day, Hannah works to secure affordable housing for God’s people. Eric teaches and ministers with youth and young adults. They are imperfect, struggling, proud foster parents. And they are part of the Episcopal Church. 

As in the genesis of their friendship, they continue to long for places of convergence, and in the midst of the dumpster fire that is 2020, they feel compelled to create together in response to... everything. 

This is the Middle Way—an expression of their desire to stay in conversation with community, to integrate their faith and lives, to compost the rinds of the day into something new.

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